Raja Mauja 2022 - Event Speakers

June 11th, 2022

Dr. Archana Agarwal is a gynaecologist and an obstetrician by profession. She has had years of experience in the field and wishes to educate women on topics like menstrual hygiene, menstrual welfare schemes, etc. Ms....

Raja Mauja Event 2022

June 11th, 2022

Raja is a traditional festival of Odisha, celebrated every year in the Odia month of Asadha (2nd week of June). The unique fusion of rich tradition with joy, frolic, and exquisite delicacies among the first monsoon showers is what makes Raja so memorable. Nirguna Handlooms likewise celebrates it each year, scheduled this year on the 14th and 15th of June. On the 14th of June, at 12 noon, a well-known Odissi figure will be invited to the introductory session....

Dress To Impress!

June 11th, 2022

The traces of Saree draping can be found from 2800-1800 BC. The word Saree literally means a "strip of cloth". Saree is a symbol of our Nation's pride. It is filled with reality of grace and elegance....

Design To Impress!

June 6th, 2022

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The History of Handlooms in India!

June 1st, 2022

Handloom refers to wooden frames of different types which are used by skilled artisans to weave fabrics usually from cotton, silk, wool, jute, etc. Here entire family is involved in the production of cloth. Right from spinning the yarn, and coloring, to weaving on the loom if done by them. The fabric produced from these looms is referred to as Handloom.    Indian Handloom stems from the Indus valley civilization....

Nirguna's Connection to Rural Livelihoods

May 2nd, 2022

The wage gap between the Poor and the Rich is ever-increasing. The rich keep getting richer, and the poor poorer. But this is not even the main issue here. The main issue is the loss of culture, traditions, centuries of craft due to Capitalism....

How Nirguna promotes Sustainable Fashion through Handloom Products

April 27th, 2022

What is Sustainable Fashion?   Sustainable fashion, simply put, is fashion that sustains. The hand me downs from our older siblings, the family dress that’s been worn by three generations in your family, and that one pair of Jeans you’ve been using for 5 plus years, all comes under Sustainable Fashion.   Why is Sustainable Fashion needed?...

Why Berhampur is at the centre of producing the one of a kind 'Berhampuri Silk' Sarees

April 27th, 2022

Every avid Saree lover knows that silk is beautiful, elegant, can be draped perfectly and is easy to manage. Which is why you will find a huge demand for silk sarees today, even among the young GenZ’ers of the world. It is versatile, limitless and looks good on everyone!   Berhampuri Silk Sarees wear the crown for being one of the most authentic silk saree collections today....

Lambani Embroidery- A hidden gem among Indian Arts

April 27th, 2022

Embroidery has been one of the most respected crafts of all time. It is a skill that takes time and effort to develop in oneself as well as produce for others. Our country, India is blessed with one such craft that has achieved fame even at the global level with every foreign citizen dying to get their hands on it. This is Lambani Embroidery....

Bhujodi- The story of how village artisans created an admirable and acknowledged craft

April 22nd, 2022

The first thing that might’ve popped into your mind while reading the title is- Where is Bhujodi? So, let’s start with a little background about the place.. Bhujodi is a small town in Gujarat, India. It is located 8 k.m....

Sambalpuri Ikat, the Journey from Handloom to your hands!

April 16th, 2022

Our country India is vibrant with a multitude of cultures, techniques and tools that make up the soul of Indian fashion, one such culmination is the Sambalpuri Ikat Saree (also known as Sadhi).It truly embodies the spirit of rural India, being locally produced in the Sambalpur, Balangir, Bargarh, Boudh and Sonepur districts of Odisha. Traditionally a female garment, Sambalpuri Ikat is normally a 4 to 9 meters yard long garment that can be worn and styled in different ways, and are flexible enough for you to give a personalised touch to it. Origins of the Sambalpuri Ikat Saree Sambalpuri Ikat was originally produced by the people of rural Western Odisha, which was known as Sambalpur and that is how it gets its name. Even though designers today call it Sambalpuri Ikat, traditional artisan communities stick to calling the craft ‘Bandha’ which when translated, means ‘to tie’....

Madhubani Art

January 8th, 2022

Art represents and expresses emotions, inspirations, situations and cultures. India has countless ancient art forms that represent and reflect the culture, traditions and emotions of the tribes, regions and artists who practise these forms. One such ancient art form is the Madhubani Art. Madhubani Art or Mithila Art emanates from the Mithila region and is widely practised in Nepal and Bihar in India.  HISTORY of Madhubani Art  Madhubani art , dating back to 2500 years, is one of the most prominent ancient art forms of India....

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