Dress to impress

Dress To Impress!

Posted on: June 11th, 2022 01:02 PM

The traces of Saree draping can be found from 2800-1800 BC. The word Saree literally means a "strip of cloth". Saree is a symbol of our Nation's pride. It is filled with reality of grace and elegance. Every woman has added her bit of imagination thereby  by giving rise to different types of draping styles all over India.

Join us in celebrating our rich tradition by adding a dash of your style and aesthetics!                           

 About Nirguna 

Nirguna is a social entrepreneurship and a local, homegrown brand that believes in bridging the gap between the rural artisan and the urban folk by promoting Rural Livelihoods!  Our vision is to make people all around the world appreciate Indian Handlooms as well as the weavers behind it. To know more about us, visit www.nirguna.in !  

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