Know more about Nirguna!

Know more about Nirguna!

Nirguna is a social entrepreneurship venture working with weavers and artisans across various handloom and handicraft clusters in India. The concept was conceived to provide a direct and fair price marketing channel for these artisans and to bring to consumers a genuine high-quality product, 100% natural and eco-friendly. Our efforts are always to give our customers unique and unparalleled products, both in terms of quality and design. The very existence of Nirguna is to celebrate the rich and diverse cultural traditions of India through handloom and handicrafts.
Handloom has been an intrinsic part of India’s rich cultural heritage from times immemorial. The woven wonders of the dexterous hands have not only been an integral part of our live or have lighten up our festivities but also have inspired poets, artists, saints in their creative expression. Weaving has been a native skill with every region having distinct characteristics.
Over the years Nirguna has taken a larger and more pivotal role in working with weavers and artisans across various clusters in the country. The organization today engages with the artisans at multiple levels:
  • Reviving Lost Weaves - Nirguna works with skilled weavers at the village level and explores possibilities of reviving lost designs and crafts. Nirguna takes pride in being instrumental for the revival of Dhalapathara Sarees of Odisha Handloom, a saree that was lost almost a century ago.
  • Documentation & Training – Nirguna documents how designs/ patterns have evolved over last few decades and create training avenues to revive the lost forms.
  • Community Development – Nirguna organizes workshops, events to popularize and provide a platform to the weavers and artisans.


About the Founder, Leesa Mohanty

From being cine child artist, an accomplished Odissi classical dancer, an author and an HR professional, Leesa is a multifaceted personality with a strong inclination towards Indian culture and tradition. Leesa quit working in the corporate world after working for nearly 10 years to establish Nirguna Centre for Excellence to promote Indian culture through dance and music in Mumbai in 2008. A fellowship (Junior )from HRD Ministry, GOI in Odissi and her innovative approach to dance training prompted her to author the book, “Dancing is Fun”. The Centre For Excellence grew in popularity and she was globe trotting conducting workshops. However, an accident forced her to change directions in life and made her foray into designing and promoting handlooms. Nirguna was thus born in 2014. The “Rural Manager” inside her found solace in handlooms and handicrafts and thus, Nirguna included “promoting Rural Livelihoods” under it’s mission. Leesa grew from being a designer-entrepreneur to social-entrepreneur. 


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