Bhujodi Handloom Craft: A Journey of Tradition and Modern Appeal

May 17th, 2024

The first thing that might’ve popped into your mind while reading the title is- Where is Bhujodi? So, let’s start with a little background about the place.. Bhujodi is a small town in Gujarat, India. It is located 8 k.m. southeast of Bhuj, which is in the Kutch District of Gujarat. Now that you know where Bhujodi is, let us focus on what makes this place special. It is the backbone of Gujarat’s textile handloom scene.

Bhujodi Handloom Craft Weaving takes passion. And this passion is found in the members of the Vankar Community in Gujarat who work tirelessly to keep this craft alive and thriving. A unique, Bhujodi handloom fabric is the brainchild of not one, but a whole family of weavers and artisans who embody the notion of family. How is Bhujodi created? The essence of Bhujodi Weaves lies in their simplicity. Bhujodi weaving is done in the traditional looms. Natural dyes make up the colours that are traditionally seen in Bhujodi fabrics. They include Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Purple,etc. Gujarat also has an abundant and gracious supply of Kala Cotton, a native variety of cotton that is used in Bhujodi Weaving. These indigenous products have also found their way in western culture! These processes before the warp set-up are done by women, and then it is furthered by the men of the house. Bhujodi Weaving has an extra step known as the ‘extra-weft’. Here, the motifs on the shawls or sarees are done by hand by the weavers, tediously. This gives it a rough texture, giving it an embroidery like feel and the designs are more vibrant and visible. Designs on Bhujodi Handloom Products As Bhujodi is the brainchild of Gujarat and surrounding regions, its designs and motifs are personal to these regions too. The designs commonly seen on Bhujodi Handloom Sarees and Shawls range from simple and classic geometric motifs to varied designs like musical instruments, elements of nature, to historic places like the Rani Ki Vav in Gujarat. An element that is central and essential to Bhujodi Weaving are Triangles like:

Popati: A simple motif of a triangle that can be combined to form more complex shapes according to the imagination of the weaver’s minds.


 Chaumukh: A Chaumukh is formed when four triangles of the Popati Motif join together. https://www.nirguna.in/products/handloom-woven-bhujodi-kutch-cotton-saree-with-tassels-4

Panchko: When two opposite triangles are joined in the middle, it forms a motif known as Panchko. https://www.nirguna.in/products/handloom-woven-bhujodi-kutch-kala-cotton-saree-with-tassels-8

Why is Bhujodi unique? Bhujodi is not only the Rabari and Vankar Community’s occupation, it is also what distinguishes them from other communities. It can be considered as a symbol of a bond, trust and loyalty that goes back for centuries, often symbolising mutual brotherhood. It was traditionally worn by nomadic tribes in the form of shawls and other clothing wear. It also is the reason for the connect between these two communities, as members from Rabari and Vankar clans often get together to discuss business ideas for mutual benefit and community benefit. Bhujodi’s Global Impact Bhujodi can be now found not only as traditional wear by the communities it belongs to, but also as modern clothing that appeals to a wider more global ,international market. The Tourism Department of Gujarat has regular exhibitions of Bhujodi Kutch products and markets them effectively which has increased the influence of Bhujodi by leaps and bounds. https://www.gujarattourism.com/kutch-zone/kutch/bhujodi.html

Nirguna’s Bhujodi Collection

At Nirguna, we firmly believe in uplifting and promoting rural livelihoods through the work we do. Every piece in our collection ensures that you get an authentic, unique Bhujodi product, made by weavers who consider Bhujodi weaving as a way of life and not only as a job. Check out Nirguna’s Bhujodi Handloom Saree Collection here! 


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