How Nirguna promotes Sustainable Fashion through Handloom Products

How Nirguna promotes Sustainable Fashion through Handloom Products

Posted on: April 27th, 2022 02:21 PM

What is Sustainable Fashion?  

Sustainable fashion, simply put, is fashion that sustains. The hand me downs from our older siblings, the family dress that’s been worn by three generations in your family, and that one pair of Jeans you’ve been using for 5 plus years, all comes under Sustainable Fashion.  

Why is Sustainable Fashion needed?  

Due to the advent of Fast Fashion, consumers are introduced to a wide variety of fast, and ever-changing products. This leads to excessive consumerism. We buy more than we need. Spend more than we have. “I don’t have anything to wear” is a common statement in every household and every house member’s mind.  

Landfills are overflowing with unwanted clothes. Why? Because these clothes aren’t made with the consumer’s best interests at heart. Bad quality, faded colours, and all the other problems make it unable to be worn by anyone else, thus contributing to the evil that is fast fashion.  

Thus, one discarded clothing material can lead to years of global warming and climate change.  

What can we do as consumers?  

We, as consumers should actively look out to buy pieces that are sustainable i.e., versatile clothing, quality clothing and clothing that is fair, which means, that all workers get paid fairly.  

As Indians, we have an even greater responsibility of promoting our cultural heritage which has so much to offer. Our ancestors have left us with indigenous clothing, free from any western influence. Such clothing can be still be found today, still made by indigenous methods by rural artisans who consider it a way of life, and not as a job.  

Where can I find such Sustainable Clothing?  

Look no further!! At Nirguna, promoting Sustainable Fashion and Promoting Rural Livelihoods is our main motive. As a social entrepreneurship, fair wages to our artisans is our top priority.  

Unlike Fast Fashion clothing where every piece is alike and identical, Nirguna fashion is unique and a statement piece. The hard work of the artisans who have worked on these products for days, and sometimes months on end, is truly reflected in the end product.  

With a Nirguna Saree or any other product, quality comes first. Quality is very important in Sustainable Fashion too. Only when a product has quality, it can be used for years on end.   

A product from Nirguna guarantees years of satisfaction and compliments.   

When you buy local products, you are not only helping one person, you help a whole community that strives to keep Indian traditions alive.  

Here are some testimonials that reflect what Nirguna stands for...  

“My orissa saree story starts and ends with Nirguna and Leesa . Her collection of the different weaves and art of Odisha stand out in a sea of clones . The love she shows for her work and her involvement in uplifting the lives of the weavers and their families is beyond commendable. I wish her and Nirguna trust all the very best.”  


Mumbai, India  

30 May, 2021  

“Nirguna is my go to place for my handloom collectables. Leesa has an amazing eye for design and she brings out their best of weavers around India. Wishing Nirguna more and more success.”  

Geetha Mahadevan  

Mumbai, India  

04 May, 2021  

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