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Gopalpur Tussar Bengol Patchitra Handpainted Silk Saree

Bengal Pattachitra The Bengal Patachitra is one of the oldest, most traditional and mythological crafts of West Bengal. The existence of this folk art form of rural Bengal dates back to the pre-pala period and is referred to in many literatures from 1st century A.D. to 8th century A.D. Though based on different aspects like Durga Pat, Chalchitra, Tribal Patachitra, Medinapore Patachitra and Kalighat Patachitra, this art form mainly depicts religious narratives, folk lore and the social culture. Bengal patachitra is also used as a communication medium to create awareness on environment, child marriage, dowry, women empowerment etc. In this exclusive folk tradition of visual tale, stories are painted on long scrolls of canvas made from cloth strips and paper. Patuas unfold them while narrating the stories through their Pater gaan (songs). The lines, strokes and bold colour play by the Patua (Patachitra artists) are the unique characteristic of this art form. Interestingly, though the use of natural dyes is the same all over, the colour and design of patachitra varies across the different districts of West Bengal. Purulia patachitra is famous for minimum background decoration but simple style and composition, Medinapore scrolls are monumental while paintings from Bankura and Burdwan prefer red background and Hooghly patachitra wears dark brown along with linear dominance.
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Dimension6.5 metres*1.15 metres
Care1. Dry Clean only 2. Do not bleach
Blouse PieceIncluded

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