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Dabu Hand block print cotton Fabric

"DABU print This precise, exclusive and mud resist hand block printing is a traditional art from Akola, Rajasthan. The technique of Dabu print is interesting and complicated involving multiple stages and artisans with different unique skillsets. The motifs of dabu prints are inspired from nature; geometric shapes, dots and wavy lines are repeated throughout the fabric, creating a vein like effect. Interestingly, it looks even more authentic and exotic if the mud paste cracks and leaks during the process. Finished dabu print fabric is unique for its radiant patterns in outstanding detailed prints. "
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Dabu print is a mud-resist technique using wooden blocks. It is a labor intensive and involves many phases of printing and dyeing. This piece has been made by our artisans in Rajasthan. Nirguna is proud to be associated with the talented artisans of Rajasthan.

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