• Saura Hand painted Silk Saree
  • Saura Hand painted Silk Saree
  • Saura Hand painted Silk Saree
  • Saura Hand painted Silk Saree

Saura Hand painted Silk Saree

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Odisha Pattachitra The art tradition of Odisha Patachitra took birth in 12th century A.D. against the backdrop of the glorious Sun temple and rich Odia culture. Patachitra was a family tradition then; where women prepared the canvas and filled in the colours after the master painter finished the sketch. It was an activity that strengthened family bonds and relationships within the villages. That shared passion has resulted in some of the most beautiful art pieces India has ever created. Based on hindu mythology and specially inspired by Lord Jagannath and the Vaishnav sect, these paintings hold a very special place in all Odias’ hearts. Besides canvas and fabric, Odisha patachitra can also be seen in walls of houses, Ganjapa cards and palm leaves. The patta is made with tamarind seed paste holding two pieces of fabrics together that are then coated with soft clay or lime stone and finally polished with rough and smooth stones. Colourful application, creative patterns and simple themes apart, the outstanding aspect is the usage of natural colours. The white colour is prepared from conch shell powder and kathia gum, red from hingula, black from lampblack and haritali stone for yellow. The painting after completion is exposed over charcoal fire and lacquer is applied to make the chitra durable and water resistant.
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Dimension6.4 metres*1.15 metres
Care1. Dry Clean only 2. Do not bleach
Blouse PieceIncluded

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