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Vidarbha Tussar Silk Saree

Vidarbha Woven out of the finest Vidharbha Tusser, this is a precious artistry piece and vision of ecological tale – a dream for many saree enthusiasts. Inspired from the humble gamchaa, the transformation of thick coarse fabric into beautiful sarees having two sides Karvati border in the ‘90s was nothing short of miraculous. 'Karvat' in Marathi means the saw and as the pattern above the border looks like saw tooth, the fabric is called Karvati. Vidharbha produces the best quality Tusser which encouraged its weavers to introduce this rich material in Karvati sarees. The saree is woven with utmost care, using tapestry type of weaving technique to get bold coloured border and body. Mercerized cotton yarn is used for border and pure Tusser hand reeled yarn for body. The uniqueness of Tusser Karvati saree lies in its border that has various temple designs in different sizes woven either along with or interlaced with the warp and weft Tusser base. The traditional and ethnic motifs are woven with extra warp giving a graceful appearance to the finished product, reflecting ancient mythology and folklore. In this gorgeous weave, the simple eight petalled flowers or rudraksh motifs as design narrative in the border, the hand skill, the unevenness of the cloth, its airy quality and litheness, durability and firm fall have given it a prized place among the multitude of heritage sarees of India. The Karavati saree is a fashion statement today amongst saree lovers who know that they can never go wrong with this piece-de-resistance.
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Data Sheet
Dimension6.4 metres*1.2 metres
Care1. Dry Clean only 2. Do not bleach
Blouse PieceIncluded

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