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Lambani hand embroidered Tussar Silk Saree

"Lambani is semi-nomadic people and are known across the world for their colorful embroidered clothes with intricate patterns and designs. This saree has been handcrafted by the Lambani community women. Lambada embroidery (lambadi embroidery, Lambani, Sandur Lambani embroidery, Banjara embroidery, lepo) is an art of embellishing clothes practiced by the Lambadas or Lambanis. The clothes decorated with Lambada embroidery work are admired in foreign. "
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A unique piece of handloom cotton saree with intricate lambani embroidery on the pallu/anchal and the borders. This piece has a contemporary look for the smocking stitch borders, similar to the European style mostly found in children's garments. A strange similarity yet traditional patterns and designs including mirror work in the body. A mesmerizing piece that can not be done again if wished for.

Fabric                                                   SIlk

Dimension                                         6.2 metres*1.15 meters

Care                                                     1. Dry Clean only 2. Do not bleach

Blouse Piece                                       Included


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