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Ganjam Bomkai Handloom Cotton Saree

Ganjam The name Bomkai originates from a village in Ganjam district of Odisha and weaves from this part area prized possession in all Odia households. The light weight cotton weave is perfect for regular wear and the silk ones, with their shine and shimmer, are worn for special occasions. In fact, no Odia marriage is complete without a Bomkai. The traditional belief system of the weavers is depicted in the border of the saree. However, the most alluring part of this weave is its thread work in the designs of border and pallu displaying plants, birds, elephants, temples, flowers, figures and geometric patterns. Tribal simplicity in its purest form – Bomkai weaves were originally produced with low count cotton yarn dyed in intense colour giving a coarse and heavy look to the finished product. These sarees are usually dyed to get red, black and white background colours but at present it can be found in multiple patterns and colours while retaining their original soul. Woven in cotton and silk, creating a Bomkai is a time consuming and labour intensive process in which the warps are efficiently woven to create multi coloured master pieces. Crafted by skilled artisans, this weave require precision, creativity and dexterity; thus only older and more experienced craftsmen work on it. A weave of strength and richness in which the fish patterned border symbolizes affluence, thread work designs on the body and pallu are nostalgic narratives imprinted on textile. The traditional patterns, motifs and attractive colours make it a highly desirable style statement which can be passed down generations.
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Dimension5.4 metres*1.17 metres
Care1. Dry Clean only 2. Do not bleach
Blouse PieceNot Included

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